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Why do you need access to my account?

By allowing us to directly access your account to print product labels and shipping labels it will save you time that you can place elsewhere to help your business grow.  It will also allow us to finish your shipments quicker and will save a lot of time by not emailing back and forth. Click here for instructions. If you are not comfortable you can send the labels to us (this may slow the process)

How long does it take to process my shipment?


Most shipments are completed within 72 hours of being checked in. Larger shipments may take longer. Expect longer processing times during Q4.

Is there a minimum per shipment or per month?

Yes, we have a $50 per shipment. Any shipment under 50 pieces will be charged at the minimum $50.

Are oversized items included in these plans?


Yes. However, if your item exceeds 24" on any side or has a weight over 50 lbs it will incur a $5 fee in addition to normal prep price.


Do you charge a signup, monthly or other fees I should know about?

No, we do not charge a signup, a monthly or any other fees. See our pricing page here.

Do you accept pallets?

Yes!  We do not do dock pickups for pallets coming from overseas. All pallets must be delivered directly to our warehouse.

What happens if you receive an online item in damaged condition to your warehouse facility?

We will always take a picture of the product and barcode and email it to you showing what has been damaged. We will then ask for the damaged item to be removed from the shipment it is in so the rest of the shipment can proceed. To avoid taking up space in the warehouse, if you are still wanting to keep the damaged item a return printing label will need to be sent to us within 3 business days or damaged item will be thrown away. One follow up email will be sent to let you know the damaged item will soon be thrown out.

How do you handle returns from Amazon?

If an item is sent back from Amazon and it’s damaged, we will discard it. If a product is sent back and it looks to be in good shape, we will send a picture of the product and barcode to you and see if you want it sent back in. If you want to send the product back in, you will need to re-add it to a shipment, and we will charge it as if it were any other new item. 

What form of payment do you accept?

We use Square for all of our payment processing. We will issue you an invoice which will need to be paid before we release your shipment to Amazon. We may also use PayPal to process credit cards if Square is not an option for you.

Do you do retail arbitrage?


Yes, we do RA (Retail Arbitrage) prepping! Drop your RA products off by appointment M-F 9am - 5pm and some Saturdays available. We also work with online arbitrage, wholesale, and private label products.

Do you prep and process books?

No, we are currently not accepting books. 

How do I let you know what I am shipping to you?

We use a shared google spreadsheet so that we know what to expect and you know what we have received.

Do you charge a storage fee?


We will hold your items up to 2 weeks without a fee. If you need longer than that we will charge $0.50 per cubic foot per month. Pallet storage is $50 per pallet per month unless negotiated before receiving.

What is the best way to contact you?

You can call us at (740) 237-7447 or email me personally at (we also use facebook messenger and skype for chat)

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